The Law That Governs Us – Laws Are Here and Here To Stay

A great number of individuals dislike the law since this limits the liberty of human race. The reality is, laws are similar to human beings.

Laws can be your servant, guide, enemy and friend.  Human race need a ruler since no civilization exists without a ruler.  If the ruler becomes weak, even the most upright civilization breaks. It is a common truth the laws rule the modern world instead of human beings.

Law is reflected to be impersonal since it can be coded in books and written in words. Law governs people, entities, and even art where copy right laws govern poems, stories, and even comics that feature manga chapter. Everyone is equal when talking about the law, be it an ordinary person or the prime minster or president of a country.

An Overview of How Law Affects the People

  • The Law can be used, abused, and misused. Intelligent people use law as a slave that is willing to serve them. If you can make law as your slave then you can have the riches of the world.
  • The Law is useful and friendly. People abide by the law mainly in industrialized countries since they find it useful and friendly to the society. The society becomes happier and much better if every person follows the law. When you abide the laws, you will find it as your friend that can help you have a happy life.
  • The Law acts as guide. For a number of people, this is true because it conveys the difference between the wrong and the right path. Generally, they will end up good human beings and citizens if they choose the right path.
  • The Law could be an enemy. If you try to earn money by illegal method or steal, you will find laws as your enemy since you will be branded as criminal which can lead to imprisonment.
  • The Law can be philosophical. All laws have common spirit and philosophy even though there are many laws in different countries on different topics.  You’ll know the philosophy of a certain country if you know the laws.  For instance, countries that give death sentence for those who commit murder have different philosophy compared to countries that don’t have capital punishment.

The Laws That Governs Us

We are a body of followers. Like a colony of ants, they need a queen. The working bees by nature protect their queen. Laws are important because it embodies the a civilization to become better and successful in all aspects of life.

The Law can be your friend or enemy.  Laws are there to stay, to protect, to promote peace, and to prevent war. Whatever country you are in, there are laws. Whatever industry you are involved in; there are laws to abide to. So in essence we breathe and talk law in our day to day lives.




What is a Magistrate’s Court

When people hear the term lawsuit, it is often related by people to bad actions like people who visit surfaces for litigation are poor people. Actually, that’s not necessarily true. People visit various surfaces for various reasons. Lawsuit can be a court procedure whereby other parties seek to impose their rights. The type of court that learns the reasons depends upon which kind of situation has been fought about.

The primary goal of the magistrate judge will be to reduce the responsibility of family court and the federal court of Australia.

The range of the circumstances which are approved from the court varies and certainly will be discussed from the family and national court. Because the organization of the magistrates’ judge, more individuals should struggle for their right. The magistrates’ judge is extremely dedicated to keep their offer to create court processes simpler to access from the people to keep their offer.

Throughout the test, your attorney would be the someone to represent you. Your attorney meeting the witnesses about the stand and will show the facts. He’ll cross -examination the witnesses of another side. Your attorney is going to do all of the speaking for you and make certain, or at least attempt to create court or the judge may choose for your area.

So it’s best which you select a lawyer that’s expertise and certainly will be viewed excellent in his chosen field, caused by the lawsuit can greatly rely on the skills of one’s attorney.

Alongside these, the magistrates’ judge also handles the alimony and breakup issues. These problems could be raised within the family courts however it can also be handled within the magistrates’ court.

The Magistrates court is split into two sections. The lawsuit is observed in either of the division; even the general division or the reasonable work division of the judge.

While litigation is observed within the court, you’ll require a great attorney that can represent you like a customer before the court and will be with you.

The attorney would be the one accountable in making sure and processing your state that the papers submitted have merits and you will be noticed from the court. Before the test, the attorney accounts for collecting them from interviewed witnesses and discovering details. Real evidence must also be collected. Expert witnesses can also be named to go over complex issue within the court.

Furthermore, continually be honest and do not keep any techniques from your own attorney particularly if the key relates to the case. Any surprises within the judge may damage your attorney’s anticipate to represent you. Therefore, use your attorney and act as useful to him around possible.

Different Courts in Queensland


Queensland includes a court structure containing three sections.

These higher courts may solve both sentencing and factual conflicts and also provide an appellate authority.

This method is called a Committal Hearing as well as in some situations implies that there’s been already cross examination performed about the prosecution witnesses.

All traffic and legal costs are started within this legislation. Usually for less significant issues this method may begin by whether Notice to Look or by means of Summons and an Criticism. More severe charges will start with a software and an arrest for help.

The Magistrates Court mainly performs summary offenses for example theft traffic infringements, and public nuisance issues. Sometimes the judge determines serious indictable offenses involving attack theft, fraud and drugs.

A Magistrate is just the details of the disputed issue as well as a distinctive judicial situation because they’re necessary to choose both appropriate legislation. The Magistrates Court doesn’t possess the advantage of a court to look for the details of the case.

For more severe offenses, the Magistrate has got the administrative purpose of deciding whether there’s ample data to put an accused on test in a higher court.

They’ve an electrical to ignore the cost, where the Magistrate decides that there’s insufficient data. Where the judge decides that there’s a prima facie case they have to make the charged to both Supreme Court or the Area for trial.

The District Court determines serious indictable charges for example armed robbery rape, fraud plus some drug issues. Issues generally go to this legislation pursuing an administrative concern with a Magistrate within the lower court.

Unlike the Magistrate Court, where Law Enforcement prosecute issues, the Representative of Public Prosecutions prosecutes costs within this legislation. The Representative can do this although a Magistrate has decided that there is insufficient data to make the accused.

Once the Representative of Public Prosecutions provides the Court with an Indictment costs within this legislation are started.

If your matter proceeds to some test then a Court as well as the regulation will determines your details from the Judge. When the court decides if the Opponent is not liable or responsible of an offence their responsibility is finished and so they take no more part within the procedures. The trial judge may determine the word when the accused is located guilty of the offence. The District Court may hear appeals of choices and sentences imposed within the Magistrates Court and has an appellate authority.

The Supreme Court includes a capacity to grant help with regards to all criminal charges, including those offenses in which there is a Magistrate controlled from thinking about the program.

The Supreme Court decides the serious indictable charges including serious and homicide, manslaughter drug costs.

As within the District Court matters go to this legislation by means of an ex officio Indictment or Committal Hearing, in the Magistrates Court. As within the District Court, if your matter proceeds to some test then a Jury as well as the regulation will determines your details from the Judge.

Legal appeals are determined by the Court of Appeal in the Supreme and Area Courts. The attraction is just an overview of an attraction or the Courts decision the sentence was either excessive or inadequate.

Possibly from the Representative of Public Prosecutions or an accused person, might provide an appeal against sentence. Such program should usually be started in just a limited time frame, though in some instances a software might be introduced, from time, using the leave of the Courtroom.

The courts each play an essential part within the overall process. It’s crucial that those charged using a traffic or legal offenses have an intense understanding of the procedure involved with each one of the courts and where costs will eventually resolve. It’s also very important to notice where privileges of appeal set.

Criminal law can be a complicated and special section of legal practice. It takes an awareness of the variety of courtroom process related regulations and an ability to advocate with respect to your client.

You need to need an attorney using the capabilities and dedication to supply your courageous defense whenever your freedom and status reaches risk.