A Law That Makes A Taxi Driver Jumbled In Breda

Seat belts and Airbags Law 

The taxi driver claimed that he was confused about his liability after extending the penalties for punishing seat belt violations.

Although the seat belt law has been in force for some time, the expansion of the fine system to pay fines has had a new impact on the former “Gray Zone” taxi driver Saeed Gorman National Taxi Driver Association. (NTDU)

As with those who have previously violated the fine, if a person under the age of 17 declines to wear a seat belt, the taxi driver may lose his license.

NTDU now calls on Garda to show a certain gap in the interpretation of the law.

“We are worried that the penalty will also apply to people who make a living from their own car,” Gohman said.

The Brennan Transport Minister has acknowledged that confusion with taxi drivers will be penalized if there are not enough children to hold enough seat belts in the parents’ car.

One of the main problems with taxi drivers is that tax collectors can ask for proof of identification to see if someone is under 17 years of age. As Gorman says,

“If a taxi driver decides to unpin my belt telling me to tie my belt, is it wrong to stop at the checkpoint?” He continued. “Even if you are under the age of 17, no one can control it.”

The Ministry of Communications stated that the application of the law is completely a matter between taxi drivers and passengers.

“As a result, if a passenger under the age of 17 is on fire, the law will apply,” she said.

“Please use it when you fasten your seat belt.” If the taxi driver refuses to wear a seat belt and the two are burned under the age of 17, the taxi driver is responsible.

A spokesperson for the Garda Press Office said yesterday that Garda’s “common sense” approach to each case would be a priority. But she said she should implement the current law. Brennan recently announced plans to attach the seat belt to all new equipment on the school bus.

Nevertheless, there are currently no ideas to put seat belts on all private and public vehicle the Department of Transport has confirmed that this may change yesterday.

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