Everybody Wang Chung… to the Tune of $450 Million

By Art Leonard [April 3rd, 2012] 

Alexander Wang has been hit with a $450 million suit by 30 of his New York City Chinatown factory workers, alleging “sweatshop” conditions that violate state labor laws covering overtime and minimum wage compensation.

The suit, originally filed by 56-year-old factory worker Wenyu Lu last month, claims that Lu personally was forced to work 25 hours straight, resulting in hospitalization after he passed out at his work station. Lu was fired on February 16, allegedly for filing a worker’s compensation claim. The suit was then joined by other workers claiming $50 million for each of the 9 charges asserted.

The workers claim that they were forced to work 16-hour days in a windowless 200-square foot space without overtime pay. Wang’s representatives released a statement to WWD refuting the allegations.

Labor law violations in the fashion world have been a hot topic recently, so it will be interesting to see how this case plays out and the ensuing ramifications.

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