Naked Lawsuit

By Danielle Turturo [February 16th, 2011] 


The famous Naked Cowboy of Times Square is suing CBS for the shirt off their back. The lawsuit filed on Monday, for $1.5 million in damages for trademark infringement, accused CBS the network of using a guitar-toting drunken fool in a cowboy hat and underwear to promote “The Bold and the Beautiful,” claiming they violated his trademark by having a naked guy playing a guitar featured on one of their soaps.

Robert Burck aka, Naked Cowboy, trademarked his act in 2000, he has previously sued the maker of M&Ms for dressing up a blue M&M in a white cowboy hat, cowboy boots and underpants. Mars Incorporated and Burck agreed and stipulated that the action be dismissed with prejudice.

CBS is not afraid of the lawsuit, “we choose to respond with the bare minimum to the plaintiff’s naked allegations,” a CBS spokesperson said in a statement.

While others have made videos to support the Naked Cowboy.

How do you think the lawsuit will pan out?

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