State And Federal Laws On Resale Of Used Matresses

Starting a business selling the mattresses and bedding products is a feasible and profitable venture since having a good night’s sleep and rest is an essential necessity for each and every individual. Check out for the best mattresses.

Some consumers, however, cannot afford a brand new mattress so they opt for a used or second mattress. Businesses who resell second-hand mattresses follow a particular state as well as federal laws. In certain states, to recognize a second-hand or refabricated mattress from a new mattress, search for a yellow or red (at times both) labels secured to the mattress since this is needed for used mattress resale.

As dictated by Federal, any mattress that have recycled or reprocessed stuffing should and must have a label or tag that indicates this info. New mattresses, on the other hand, require a white label or tag that shows new contents were made use of in its construction.

State Laws For Used Mattress Resale

Inspect the tag attached on the used mattress. Find out if it has verbiage regarding reused stuffing or whether it’s a completely brand new mattress. Every state has diverse laws concerning the resale of secondhand mattresses, but not all states necessitate labels on these mattresses or permit anything other than the reuse of the mattress springs. In several states, used mattresses could be resold in the condition that it is disinfected and covered with new linen or cotton ticking.

Red and Yellow Labels

Get in touch with your state’s health department, consumer affairs, or licensing department to come to know about laws concerning used mattress resale. For instance, in the state of California, the resale of used mattresses with perceptible stains is forbidden.

Used mattresses with yellow tags are an indication that they have been cleaned, washed and sanitized. The red tag indicates the materials of a mattress that was rebuilt as well as the kinds and quantity of materials utilized in the mattress.

In states with laws regarding the resale of used mattresses, the law only applies to businesses or retailers and doesn’t apply to persons selling mattresses. Tag or label information is to make sure that users are aware of what they are purchasing.

Federal Standards On Flammability

Besides the needed tags and labels on mattresses both new and used, federal standards necessitate that mattresses comply with its flammability requirements. Enacted on July 1, 2007, flammability standards make certain that mattress fires are reduced, less severe and that it doesn’t quickly spread. Part of the standard is that materials of the mattress should not surpass a peak heat of 200 kW throughout the first half hour of safety tests.

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