Law Label for Public Health and Safety

As consumers, we should have an open awareness of the products and services we purchase. Do you know that there are laws governing these products? We should be concerned with its contents whether it is safe, doesn’t contain hazardous substances and compounds and that the way the products are manufactured doesn’t damage or destroy the environment. This includes the kind of food we consume, the garments and wardrobes we wear, and even the choisir matelas or the mattress we choose to snooze on.

What is a Law Label?

A Law Label is a lawfully and mandatory tag or label placed on new as well as second-hand items, like beddings, outlining the kind of cloth, textile, and stuffing used in products such as mattresses, stuffed toys, pillows, and comforters. Usually, these tags and labels start with the phrase “This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer”.

The reason and intention of the Law Label are to let the shoppers and buyers know of the concealed stuffing or filling inside beddings and fixtures. The Law Label came out in the early 1900s, to avert stuffed articles containing horse hair, corn husk, and any unwanted fillings or stuffing that a manufacturer might possibly find to use from being mass-produced further. This is to ensure public health and safety.

In the United States, laws were passed to notify and let shoppers know if the stuffed articles they are purchasing consist of new or recycled resources. For instance, in the state of Delaware, chapter 21 of the regulatory provision concerning public health is for mattress, pillows, and bedding. The chapter includes the sterilization and disinfection of materials used, tagging regulations and prohibitions, as well as the inspection of an establishment by the Department of Health and Social Services to ensure mattresses, pillows and beddings manufacturers comply with the requirements. Those who do not comply may be fined or their permits revoked.

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