Specific Laws That Governs Katana / Samurai Sword Ownership

In japan, there are certain laws you have to comply with for you to have swords or katana. During the old period in japan, carrying swords in the road is prohibited unless you’re a public servant or police. In these days it is hard to find someone who owns a sword.

Only those who are associated with the sport Hombu Dojo, or a type of Samurai Sports. Yakuza and other members of the elite community may have access to these swords too. But there are certain laws that restrict the use of this traditional weapon.

The Ju-to-ho

If you want to purchase a samurai sword for sale, there are many things you need to process before it is legally claimed as yours. To have your own sword in japan, the sword must be registered in Ju-to-ho . Ju-to-ho is a Japanese firearms and swords law. This applies to swords that is antique or newly made swords.

This law doesn’t apply to blades with 15 cm also known as laito or mogito. It is a training and decorative swords that is made from zinc-aluminum alloy that cannot be sharpened.

A Look Into Japan’s Knife Laws


Today , they are almost 2.3 millions swords registered in Japan. In other words, they have certificate and provided with licenses. The name of license is Juho-token-rui-torokusho and it has to stay with the sword all times. Most collectors put it in the sword’s storage bags. In other words, only the blade is registered and not the owner.

However, the Prefectural Education Board must be notified within 20 days if there is a change in ownership using a form called Shoyusha-henko-todokesho. When licensing is done by the Education board in Toroku-shinsa-kaijo that usually takes place once every month conducts a sword evaluation meeting.

The proctor conducting are experts that is contracted by the Board of education in Japan. They are usually the senior member of the organization namen NBTHK also known as “Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai” meaning the society for the preservation of Japanese art sword.

If anyone comes across an unregistered sword in Japan, it has to be reported to the crime prevention section of the district police. The person who possess an unregistered sword will have to attend the Toroku-shinsa.

People in Japan care for it’s people that they do not want to carry swords like the old times to hurt people. That’s why they prohibited it.