Truth or Dare: Madonna Copied Her Perfume Logo?

By Allison Tenenbaum [November 28th, 2012] 


Madonna was quite daring when she named her new fragrance. An Australian artist, RJ Williams, recently filed a lawsuit against Madonna because her perfume Truth or Dare logo looks strikingly similar to his registered trademark.

The logos in question are similar, featuring the letter “T” inscribed inside the letter “M.” However, while the Williams’ design features chunky lines and a squat stance, the logo for Madonna’s perfume stands taller and features thin lines. The “t” is also lower case, appearing more like a cross than Williams’ signature logo.

RJ Williams, a skateboarder, gallerist and artist, says he has been using the logo for the past 8 years in his paintings and on t-shirts and just wants to protect “what is really [his].”  His first step to do so included a cease and desist letter to Madonna’s agent, Guy Oseary. In his correspondence, Williams requested that the star immediately stop infringing his copyright, and has asked to be provided with all profits made so far. He also suggested entering into a licence with him for future use of the symbol.

Williams said “friends from all over the world have been calling me upon seeing the Truth or Dare by Madonna campaign to express their disgust and support.” He fears that his artistic talent has been attacked and slandered by commercialism and added that “it’s about my integrity as an artist. I do not think it should be able to be used by a giant cosmetics company.”

This is the second time that Madonna’s fragrance has been put in the spotlight, though neither case concerns the scent of the perfume. The commercial in which Madonna appears to promote the new scent was also pulled after being considered too risqué.

Unfortunately, Madonna has found herself in legal trouble regarding a lot of her endeavors this year.’

Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild, threaten to take legal action over Madge’s single “Girls Gone Wild” from her MDNA album. Even though Madonna claimed she did not know who Joe was, the single title was changed to “Girl Gone Wild.” Madonna wanted to make it clear it had nothing to do with the threatened legal action, but she had been thinking about changing it because that is how she sings it in the song.  Francis owns the rights to everything related to Girls Gone Wild, including the term “Girl Gone Wild,” and does not want Madonna getting a free ride off his brand. Since the name change took place in February, no other action has been taken.



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