Weird Laws


Weird Laws are insane laws or stupid laws.

These regulations are just bright and improper but also irrational and really annoying. Such regulations is visible in most areas of the planet especially US.

Aside from these, you will find other such strange laws in Al for example placing salt on the train track might be punishable by death, males might not throw before the alternative gender, markers might not be used in public places, solitaire might not be performed on Sundays, bear wrestling matches are prohibited etc.

In Alaska you’ll find such laws.

For instance, huskies aren’t permitted in school buildings; no child may develop a snowman higher than herself on school house;


In Fairbanks, it’s illegal to supply alcohol consumption to Moose.

Specific laws of Arizona aren’t just strange but silly also. In Arizona, Ladies can’t use trousers in Tucson which is illegal to generate an automobile in Glendale.

Furthermore, it’s illegal to reject a glass of water, an individual. In Arkansas, guys are permitted to defeat their spouses monthly, doesn’t even?


Therefore, greater barrel up your dog’s mouth.

Additional foolish laws in California are: it’s illegal to consume an orange in tub, it’s illegal to avoid children from moving puddles of water over which is illegal to possess bathhouses. Thank God!

While she’s asleep in Logan County, it’s illegal to get a guy to kiss a lady. In Pueblo, it’s illegal to allow a dandelion grow with-in the town limits. Because the regulation may need your dog to really have a taillight in Sterling, Colorado, a pet isn’t spared.

Denver also is known for the strange laws.

In Connecticut, it’s illegal to get rid of razorblades that are used. Anyone captured cycling more than 65 mph can be ticketed here.

Other insane laws of Connecticut include: illegal to go backwards after sun, it’s in Devon, in Hartford, it’s illegal to teach your dog along with a guy can’t kiss his wife on Sundays.

In Delaware, “R” rated films CAn’t be found in drive-in theaters. In Rehoboth, one can’t sound in transforming and church out a bikini in a public WC or into is prohibited.

On Fenwich Area, it’s illegal to lay down on the beach at night. In Lewes, it’s illegal to wear trousers which are type fitting round the stomach.