Fake Designer [shopping] Bags?

By Jennifer Williams [December 22nd, 2011] 


It’s an unfortunate truth that counterfeit designer handbags are an all-too-common thing to encounter. However, a recent headline that I came across, which mentioned fake designer-branded shopping bags, brought it to a new level.

Yes, I am talking about the paper bags that house your luxury items as you proudly tote them home. According to chinadaily, this has matured into a trend in their country and they claim that a simple “paper bag” search on a famous Chinese shopping website “will find dozens – sometimes more than 100 – of results.”

These cloned shopping bags are complete with Hermes, Chanel and Burberry logos, just to mention a few – and they are being sold for a variety of prices ranging from 5 to 40 yuan, which is about $1 and $6 dollars respectively

There are two main issues with the fake retail bags: the first being that they only serve to make counterfeit items seem more authentic. Wang Xuesheng, a shopping bag vendor, admits knowing that the bags are not the real thing and says that “in the beginning, my clients were mostly people who sell fake handbags.” Needless to say, combining branded fake paper bags with counterfeit items will only make it harder to distinguish what is real and what isn’t.

The other problem, and perhaps the most important one, with these shopping bags is that they are infringing on the luxury brands’ intellectual property rights.  Mo Daiqing, a senior analyst had this to say about the situation:”Selling a fake paper bag is an infringement of the famous brands’ intellectual property rights. However, since there is a lack of an effective supervision system for the online shopping platform, it’s hard to investigate those stores,” she goes on to say that “a major potential risk is that the fake packing and purchase receipts could be used by some purchasing agents to cheat their customers.”

Luxury designers have been struggling to stop – or at least control – the counterfeit industry, meanwhile the aforementioned sacks bring the counterfeit shopping experience one step closer to the real thing, thus giving designers more headaches to deal with.

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