Graffiti Artist Vandalizes Marc Jacobs Store, Unintentionally Contributes to $700 T-Shirt

By Art Leonard [June 11th, 2012] 

French graffiti artist Kidult vandalized Marc Jacob’s posh Soho New York store last week by spray painting the word “ART” on the establishment’s brick wall while the fashion elite were attending the annual Met Costume Gala uptown. Jacobs’ quick-thinking publicity team tweeted a picture of the graffiti with the caption “Art by Art Jacobs,” which Jacobs has subsequently appropriated from Kidult by screen printing onto a pink t-shirt, offered for sale only at the Soho location at a steep price of $689.

Kidult wasn’t too happy about this, so it doesn’t seem that the entire charade was orchestrated as a publicity stunt by Marc Jacobs.

Perhaps taking a cue from Jacobs’ own unwelcome snatching of intellectual property to make a buck, website FRY if offering a “meta-shirt” – a screen print of the Marc Jacobs t-shirt on a white shirt - for a mere $35. It doesn’t look like this “art commenting on art commenting on art” is over just yet.

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